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The Basics
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The Basics

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Marry We includes a mass elopement followed by a wedding reception for all newly hitched couples. 

We welcome couples who are getting married for the first time as well as those looking to renew their vows.  

You're invited to say "We Do" and get married at a group wedding!


Elopement Package

MarrY WE
Group Wedding packages


The Ceremony

  • Get married in a beautiful, picturesque venue. 

  • The ceremony will be a mass elopement with all couples getting married at once.

  • A special guest will marry all couples.

  • The officiant will sign the marriage licenses of all couples getting married.

  • Each couple will have their official wedding portrait taken and be able to download them after the event.

The Reception

  • A reception, with entertainment, will immediately follow the ceremony.

  • The reception will be held indoors.

  • The reception includes dinner , an open bar and dessert. 

  • Couples will be able to dance the night away with all the other couples who have also gotten married that day.

The Extras

  • Each couple is allowed to bring up to four guests to attend the ceremony and reception with them.

  • The cost of the marriage license is included in the cost of the package.

  • Couples will have access to a special Saturday sign-up to apply for their marriage license, courtesy of the Probate Court of Fulton County.

  • Couples will go home with a wedding gift compliments of the event.

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Wedding Day Schedule

4 PM

Wedding venue  is open for couples. Wedding Day portraits begin.

5 PM

Wedding ceremony is held.

6 PM

Wedding reception begins.

9 PM

Event Ends.
Getting There
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the Venue

Our February 2023 Marry We event was held in the heart of Atlanta at Piedmont Park's Greystone building. Built in 1926, this historic venue will provide a  beautiful backdrop with its' stone columns, wood-beamed ceilings and picturesque location in the park. 

Future Events

Details on the location of future events will be shared soon. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to get married at the Marry We event?

Yes, there is a cost for this special event. Exact pricing will be available once tickets for specific wedding dates are available. See above for everything that is included in the wedding packages.  

Do I need a marriage license to get married?

Yes, a marriage license is required to legally get married in the State of Georgia. The cost of your marriage license is included in the package fee.

Can I bring guests with me?

Yes. Each couple will be able to bring four guests. Guests will have access to both the ceremony and reception.  

What should I wear or bring with me?

Couples should wear wedding attire or whatever they prefer to tie the knot in. The ceremony will be outside, so be sure to check the weather. The reception will be held indoors. 

Is this only open to traditional bride and groom couples? 

Love is Love! We welcome couples of all nationalities, religions and sexual orientations. 

Can the special guest officant legally marry couples?

Absolutely! All special guest officants will be ordained prior to the ceremony. 

What if it rains or is really cold?

The wedding and reception will be held rain or shine. The reception will be held inside so the weather is unlikely to affect it. Plans for the ceremony may be adjusted should the weather become a major issue. 

Can we participate if we are already married and want to renew our vows? 

Yes! Everything will be the same for you as it is with the other couples. The only exception is that you will NOT need to obtain a marriage license.

We Do!

Join our email list and be the first to know about future Marry We Weddings!

Thanks for submitting!

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Marry We is produced by Southern Hospitality Event Group.  

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